The Izaak Lions Pub Cricket Team


The Izaak Lions

The man behind it all – Izaak Walton, c. 1594-1683.
Angler, author of The Compleat Angler, and buried in Hampshire.

The Izaak Walton

The Izaak Walton publicans, Ashley and Dave.
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Izaak Lions Cricket Club Thursday Night Twenty20 Matches

Pub Rules


You can’t be out first ball (this allows for some interesting swipes!)


You can’t be out LBW (we can’t tax the umpire’s brain too much, and I can’t find a DRS supplier on eBay)


Batsmen must retire once they score 25 runs, however...


If wicket 9 falls, then any batsmen retired ‘Not out’ can come back in. Rule 3 then reapplies for this innings, i.e. they must retire again at 50.


Everyone must bowl two overs.


A maximum of two wides or no-balls are counted per over – a third wide, for example, is declared a dead ball and rebowled.


The home team provides food after the match.


Optional Rules

Good humoured banter is optional but desirable – this is supposed to be fun, after all!

Anyone trying a reverse sweep and missing, can be heckled with calls of ‘Oooh, get you!’

Over-celebrating a fall of a wicket along the lines of Monty Panesar’s skipping will be fined after the game in the bar.

And remember, it’s better to have a good game and lose, than have a bad game and win. ☺

Fixture List


Date Time Team Home/Away Pitch Location Pub Location Result
3rd of May 2018 6.00pm CHURCHERS Away Churchers Their Clubhouse Not Yet Played
10th of May 2018 6.00pm Westbourne C.C Home East Meon Izaak Walton Not Yet Played
17th of May 2018 6.00pm QUEENS HEAD Away to be confirmed Queens Head Not Yet Played
24th of May 2018 6.00pm EAST MEON Away East Meon The Izaak Not Yet Played
31st of May 2018 6.00pm Hayling Racqueteers C.C Away TBA ? Not Yet Played
7th of June 2018 6.00pm COMPTON Away Compton Coach & Horses Not Yet Played
14th of June 2018 6.00pm QUEENS HEAD Home East Meon Izaak Walton Not Yet Played
21st of June 2018 6.00pm HARTING Home Harting The Izaak Not Yet Played
28th of June 2018 6.00pm Westbourne C.C Away Westbourne Ground ? Not Yet Played
5th of July 2018 6.00pm CHURCHERS Home East Meon Izaak Walton Not Yet Played
12th of July 2018 6.00pm LADWACA Away Not yet Known Not yet known Not Yet Played
19th of July 2018 6.00pm HARTING Away Harting ? Not Yet Played
26th of July 2018 6.00pm EAST MEON Home East Meon The Izaak Not Yet Played
2nd of August 2018 6.00pm COMPTON Home East Meon The Izaak Not Yet Played
9th of August 2018 6.00pm NO FIXTURE YET Home Not Yet Played
16th of August 2018 6.00pm LADWACA Home East Meon Izaak Walton Not Yet Played
23rd of August 2018 6.00pm Chidham & Hambrook Away Bosham John Barleycorn ? Not Yet Played
30th of August 2018 5.30pm DACD Home East Meon The Izaak Not Yet Played
6th of September 2018 5.30pm Chidham & Hambrook Home East Meon Izaak Walton Not Yet Played